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About The Phoenix Project

The Phoenix Project is a Buckinghamshire based non-profit organisation which designs and delivers a combination of Positive Psychology coaching and Social and Therapeutic Horticulture programmes. 

The Phoenix Project was set up to support people who may not otherwise be able to access these services, and to bring together the amazing things that happen when Positive Psychology and Horticulture are combined.

What is Positive Psychology coaching?

Positive Psychology focuses on helping individuals and communities to thrive. It can help us to think about ways to become more resilient to life's challenges, how we can work with our own potential, and how we can be happier in our day-to-day lives.

Despite what many people think, it is not about being "happy all of the time" or avoiding difficult feelings, but about balancing the bad with the good.

What is Social and Therapeutic Horticulture?


Social and Therapeutic Horticulture (STH) uses gardening-based work to support individuals and groups with their physical and mental health, develop within their community and learn more about themselves and others.

The Phoenix Project focuses on where Positive Psychology and STH can be combined to create a powerful force for change and growth.


The project is based on the key values of authenticity, balance and forward motion.

How it can help:

"This programme has helped me to be more kind to myself and helped me to stop overthinking things. I'm really enjoying this programme" 

"The sessions supported me in better organising my thoughts, and trying hard to think more positively by recognising my strengths"

"This programme helps me to build my confidence and to understand and accept my feelings. Also, it is helping me to find harmony. Thank you very much to Abi for all her work." 

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Services offered

The Phoenix Programme - this is a person-centred, online 12-week programme which sits within the science of Positive Psychology, whilst remaining firmly grounded within real-world experiences of adversity and resilience building. This programme is suitable for parents with children aged 0 to 18 who have experienced repeated or significant difficulty in their lives. Please make contact to find out more.

The Community Garden - the garden allows people who are accessing the programme to enjoy an outdoor, horticultural experience without any regular obligation or pressure. The community garden, based in Chesham remains accessible to everyone following the programme, as a shared space in which to continue to connect and grow.

Positive Psychology Coaching - run online at a time convenient to you, we will work together to discover what you  want to change in your life, igniting your personal resources, strengths and resilience, whilst setting realistic, manageable goals for the future.

Bespoke Workshops - The Phoenix Project now also delivers workshops and training to other local charities and organisations. Please make contact should you wish to discuss this further.

All programmes are by self-referral only.

Please make contact below if you would like to know more.

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Phoenix Online

A free 12-week Positive Psychology programme run online, just for you


The Phoenix Garden

A space to grow and share

Flower Bud Petals

Positive Psychology Coaching

From surviving through to flourishing


 Bespoke workshops and consultancy work

Designed for exactly what your organisation needs

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Contact or sign-up

For more info please contact Abi Gibbs (MAPP)
Positive Psychology Coach

Social Therapeutic Horticulture Practitioner

Associate Lecturer - Bucks New University

Professional member of The Positive Psychology Guild

07897 378778

Sign up to programmes by completing the form above, or simply ask a question.

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